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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana

Vehicle Transport Experts LLC is focused on providing quality service and customer satisfaction at very competitive rates. Every vehicle transported meets our requirements of care in transporting, with insurance protection and a guarantee to deliver in the same condition as when originally loaded for transport. 

Our company has developed a national network of Americas best independent automobile transporters.

Over the years the VTE network has grown to 600+ transporters that are bridging the gap coast to coast and boarder to boarder in all 48 contiguous states.

After receiving a transport request the vehicle is assigned to the transporter filling the shipping lane with other vehicles. We have the necessary equipment from a single car hauler or ten car auto transporter. Whether an open trailer is needed for in operable car or a million dollar exotic sports-car sealed away in a enclosed hauler, VTE has it.

Vehicle Transport Experts LLC transports vehicles to every small town and big city auto dealerships. We also pick up brand new vehicles fresh off the assembly line . We take pride in every single vehicle individuality. If moving a truck load of vehicles for the federal government to those who protect our boarders or the very first car that Dad just bought for his new teenage driver.  

Vehicle Transport Experts LLC is available 24 hours a day for quotes or dispatch. We will care for your vehicle just like you do. For information about moving your vehicle call us right now at 317-446-4473.