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Vehicle Transport Experts LLC

Automobile Transport Agreement

This mutual agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into as of ____________________, 20____ (the “Effective Date”), between Vehicle Transport Experts LLC and ______________________________________________________________________________

The parties agree as follows:

  1. This order and any shipment is subject to all terms and conditions of Trucker/Agent tariffs of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, copies of which are available to Owner at the office of the Trucker/Agent and are included herein by reference and part hereof.
  2. Owner acknowledges and agrees that Vehicle Transport Experts LLC is hereby authorized to arrange shipment from the area of origin specified to the area of destination specified. Our ICC license limits service to the transportation of the vehicle only. We CANNOT accept any personal affects inside or outside the vehicle. ANY FINES or CHARGES resulting from this will be the shipper's responsibility. Trucker/Agent disclaims any responsibility for personal belongings.
  3. Owner acknowledges and agrees that as is standard in the industry while trucker is liable to the owner on account of loss or damage to vehicle while vehicle is being loaded / unloaded on the truck, owner's insurance is in force while vehicle is in transit to or from the truck. Trucker/Agent is authorized to operate vehicle at points of origin/destination.
  4. Shipper is totally responsible for preparing vehicle for shipment. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, etc. must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part that falls off in transit is the shipper’s responsibility, including damages caused by said part.
  5. Owner acknowledges and agrees that Trucker/Agent does not guarantee pick up or delivery on specified dates of shipments although Trucker/Agent will make good faith attempt to move the vehicle as promptly as possible and in accordance with owner's instructions. ALL DATES ARE ESTIMATED.
  6. Owner acknowledges that there will be no car rentals arising from a delay in the delivery/pickup or damage of a vehicle and Trucker/Agent shall not be liable for car rentals at any time whatsoever.
  7. Owner acknowledges and agrees that the persons listed at the point of origin and the point of destination are appointed agents for the purpose of releasing vehicle, approving charges, accepting delivery and releasing Trucker/Agent from any and all claims upon acceptance of delivery. If the owner is unavailable or does not accept the shipment at a point of safe approach by trucker's road haul equipment to the destination address, the Trucker may place the shipment in a storage facility of its choice subject to a lien for all lawful charges. The liability on the part of the Trucker and Vehicle Transport Experts LLC will cease when the shipment is unloaded into the warehouse or storage yard and the shipment shall be considered as having been delivered. Vehicles transported and covered by this agreement serve as collateral with a security interest position in favor of Vehicle Transport Experts LLC until all charges are paid and monies cleared.
  8. Owner acknowledges and agrees any and all charges as to date and type of vehicle must be made 20 days prior to transport. Should this order be canceled or charged within 20 days of scheduled transport date a minimum of $ 100.00 and up to a maximum of the quoted transport charge shall be assessed.
  9. Owner acknowledges and agrees that this agreement contains all of the material statements, representations, or promises, oral or written and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements made between any Agent or Representative of Vehicle Transport Experts LLC and the Owner. This agreement may not be modified except in writing by an officer of Vehicle Transport Experts LLC
  10. Owner acknowledges and agrees that absolutely no claim for damages will be honored unless noted immediately upon delivery and in writing on the bill of lading.
  11. Owner acknowledges and agrees that any claim must be made directly with Vehicle Transport Experts LLC. All claims are subject to a $ 250.00 deductible. Vehicle Transport Experts, Inc. has the option to take vehicle to a licensed repair shop of its choice. All freight charges must be paid prior to any claim settlement. If a claim is made upon delivery Vehicle Transport Experts LLC must receive within 15 days (3) itemized written estimates with photographs. All claims, subjugation, litigation, or legal action must have the Right of Venue in Marion County, State of Indiana. All claims must be addressed to our corporate office at 7218 Highland Road Indianapolis, IN 46268.
  12. The responsibility of Vehicle Transport Experts LLC for the described vehicle commences when the Bill of Lading is issued and signed by the driver and terminates when designated vehicle is signed for at destination.
  13. All non-operational or "inop" vehicles tendered for transportation will be charged an additional minimum of a $ 100.00. If a vehicle is rendered for shipment and later becomes non-operational or "inop" and additional minimum of $ 100.00 fee will added onto the amount of shipment.
  14. When a vehicle is picked up and conditions are not suitable to do a proper inspection, the vehicle will be "open for re-inspection" as noted on front of Bill of Lading. Vehicle Transport Experts LLC will not be liable for any additional damage found upon re-inspection.
  15. All payments for transport must be paid in full prior to vehicle being released. Acceptable forms of payment should be marked on the front of the Bill of Lading. If this area of the Bill of Lading is left blank, payment must be made in the form of "Cash on delivery". "Cash on Delivery" means you must pay with cash or official cashier’s check. No certified checks or money orders accepted. "Check on Delivery" means you may pay with a business check, we must see proper photo identification (driver license). "Pre-pay Cash" means you must pay prior to vehicle being loaded with cash or official cashier’s check. No certified checks or money orders accepted. "Pre-pay Check" means you must pay prior to vehicle being loaded with a business check; we must see proper photo identification (driver license).e options from the toolbar.

         Vehicle Transport Experts LLC will not be liable for the following:

  1. Damage caused by Acts of God, Vandalism or the Authority of the law.
  2. Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling systems fluids, antifreeze solution, and industrial fallout.
  3. Damage caused by failure or the lack of factory tie down brackets/holes.
  4. Damage occurring while unloading non-operational or "inop" vehicles.
  5. Mechanical, electrical/electronic functions exhaust systems, alignment, suspension, transmission, clutches, brakes or engine tuning. Inspection of these items is not practical at the time of shipment.
  6. Damage or loss of loose parts or special equipment such as window shades, louvers, convertible or detachable tops or caps, camper tops, bed liners, aftermarket items, etc. when not listed on the bill of lading and/or when not properly wrapped or stored so as to prevent damage. We will not be responsible for anything with less than 8 inches of clearance from the ground.
  7. Damage to tires not due to carrier negligence.
  8. Damage caused by freezing or overheating of cooling system and/or batteries. Protection from freezing and overheating is the responsibility of the Shipper.
  9. Damage to interior such as dash boards, rugs, seats, etc., as interiors are not inspected. glass cracks from a pre-existing defect.
  10. Antennas that extend more than (3) inches above the mounted area. Removal or detraction of antenna is the Shippers responsibility.
  11. Cost or expenses, including towing or repair charges, resulting from malfunctioning vehicle.
  12. Loss and/or damage to articles or personal belongings left in vehicle.
  13. Damage as a result of overloaded vehicle or suspension failure including but not limited to suspensions, exhaust systems, oil pans, transmission casing, front or rear axle, mufflers/exhaust systems, etc.
  14. Damage unable to detect due to poor weather conditions, poor lighting conditions or vehicle's dirty condition.
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